Internship Report: The case of InsideGamer


For my internship, I worked at Reshift for two months as part of the editorial team of InsideGamer and Gamer.nl. Here, I developed my writings skills, learned about content management and website identity. My research focused on the playfulness with which the editorial team engages visitors of InsideGamer.

When I started my first day at the company, I was surprised to see that it was one editorial team working on the contents of Insidegamer.nl, Gamer.nl and Power Unlimited. Every member of the editorial team focuses on a different website, though content is discussed and often even completely shared. his way, all websites profit from each other’s content and a lot of time is saved that is used for exclusive content that make those individual websites unique. I have developed myself as person, as I have become less afraid to receive criticism about my work or my ideas; it no longer bothers me when my ideas get shot down or I have to rewrite parts to make them more appealing for my audience. I learned about content and time management of a journalistic, infotainment focused website.

For my research, I have utilized the concept of playfulness by Miguel Sicart to investigate how content is playfully managed in order to engage such an audience. InsideGamer inhibits the ghost of playfulness that is at the core of modern technological design; we seek emotionally appealing elements in technologies where they are not expected. In a similar way smart phones are equiped with functionalities of a personal computer, gameconsole and music player, InsideGamer is a news website that utilizes livestreams, Let's Play videos and even occasionally takes on the role of different types of websites. This helped me understand the complexity and divergent thinking that goes in into succesful management of one of the biggest Dutch videogame focused news websites. I have also come to experience a videogame sub-community from up close.

Last, but not least, I would like to add that I significantly improved my Dutch writing skill, something I have never been particularly good at, since the main language of my whole university career has English. This is something that will most definitely come in handy in the future when working for Dutch companies, not to mention the value of being able to express yourself well in your first language.