Workshop: ‘Computer Simulation & Data Visualisation in the Humanities’

From simulations to visualisations, computers are widely used to analyse complex data sets, simulate events and to visualise research results. Whilst researchers take their 'computed intellect' for granted and rely on their 'compiled truths', they tend to neglect the fact that under their opaque surfaces lie design patterns, precast assumptions and quantitative models that in fact represent a simplification of our complex reality.

We therefore propose to look at software applications as active agents in shaping knowledge and co-constructing facts, transforming the very things they are supposed to analyse and depict neutrally. This raises questions about the technical design of software applications and the way in which they are embedded into our knowledge processes.

The workshop programme includes:

  • Hands-on presentation: the practical use of computer simulations, data analysis and visualisation tools in the humanities by international experts from the field.
  • In-depth discussion: the epistemological role of computer technology in our knowledge economy in general and within the humanities in particular.

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Eckhart Arnold (University of Stuttgart), expert in the field of simulation technologies
  • Dr Bernhard Rieder (University of Amsterdam), who researches how computers and software organise knowledge

Dr Mirko Tobias Schaefer (Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University)

Please send an email to GW_Cultures@uu.nl.

More information (pdf)

Startdatum en tijd:

18/10/2011 14:00

Einddatum en tijd:

18/10/2011 17:00


Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht

Follow up event: Data on the Screen

A week later, SetUp Utrecht brings infographics to the cinema. Data on the Screen is an evening where outstanding data visualizations are projected on a big cinema screen. Dr Ann-Sophie Lehmann, who is trained as an art historian, comments on the images and discusses the reception of data visualizations:

Data op het Doek, October 25; 19:30-21:30 Wolff City Bioscoop Utrecht





Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht