In this section you can find contact information for the Master's programme, as well as the website newmediastudies.nl

Contact information: Master's programme

Before you contact us, please be sure to read all the information about the MA programme in this section of the website.

New Media & Digital Culture (NMDC) is part of the Media and Culture Studies department at the Faculty of Humanities, Universiteit Utrecht. NMDC staff members run the MA programme and teach several NMDC-oriented BA courses within Theater, Film and Television studies (TFT) and Communication and Information studies (CIW).

Address: Muntstraat 2A, 3512 EV Utrecht, email: onderwijssecretariaatjanskerkhof.gw@uu.nl

For an MA brochure please visit the Student Desk Binnenstad at Drift 13, Utrecht (tel: (+31)(0)30-2536285) or request a copy via email: StudiepuntBinnenstad.gw@uu.nl
For questions about admission, see here or contact the Masters Information Desk, email: GW_Masterinfo@uu.nl
For general questions about the program, please contact NMDC coordinator Ann Sophie Lehmann email: A.S.Lehmann@uu.nl

Contact information: Website

The website is run by (pre-)master students and teachers. The editorial board has 5 student members and 1 teacher member.

The current members (in alphabetical order) are

Bas Bergervoet
Maurice de Haan
Mark Jansen
Evi Joosten
Anna Sonnemans
Karlijn Spoor

Teacher member: Imar de Vries

You can contact them through the following e-mail adress: info@newmediastudies.nl


A big thank you goes out to all the people that worked hard to make this website happen!

Project leaders

  • Bas Bergervoet
  • Kevin Breed




  • Anna Sonnemans
  • Maurice de Haan
  • Mark Jansen
  • Evi Joosten


And of course everybody else who gave us inspiration, ideas or feedback!